Recognizing Our Youngest Lifesavers

Babies are helping save lives all over the world because their parents made the decision to donate their umbilical cord blood to LifeCord, LifeSouth Community Blood Centers’ nonprofit public cord blood bank. In the […]

AMAZING Gifts From a Special Family

Dan and Lindsey Galasso, who live near Gainesville, Fla., have nine children. Since the birth of their first, Nathan, in 1999, they made each birth an opportunity for someone else by donating the newborn’s umbilical cord blood to a public cord blood bank. “We like the idea of giving to someone else,” said Lindsey.

Eli Is One of Georgia’s Youngest Lifesavers

When Kasey Bradshaw was expecting her son Eli, her doctor explained that Piedmont Henry Hospital offered the option of donating Eli’s umbilical cord blood to LifeCord and gave her a pamphlet to read.

While she’d […]

In loving memory of Archie McNealy

Archie McNealy lost his battle with cancer on December 10, 2013

We are saddened by his passing, yet we are more determined than ever to carry forward his passion for a cure.

“Everybody has a mountain to climb, mine just happens to be cancer.”

Archie's goal is to share why it is so important to sign up as a possible marrow donor and for new moms to donate their baby’s cord blood to a public cord bank. That’s how people like him can find a match for a transplant that may save their life. He’s been waiting seven years for that match.

A Tiny Helping Hand

Just minutes after she was born, her doctor was able to collect the blood from her umbilical cord for LifeCord. That donation could be a lifesaver for a patient anywhere in the world.

The Cord Blood Cycle

View this helpful infographic to explain how the cord blood donation process works.

LifeSouth Reaches a Milestone With FDA License

A journey that began in Gainesville, Fla. more than 15 years ago, that’s allowed newborn babies to become lifesavers, reached a milestone Thursday, when the Food and Drug Administration notified LifeSouth that its license […]

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